Coaching That Transforms Your Business So You Can Take Back Control Of Your Life

Make work fun. Simplify your daily processes with repeatable frameworks and take control of your life back.

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Know Exactly What is Next and Why

Gain an immediate understanding of your life and business and create a customized plan that you can start right away.

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Make Progress On The Most Important Things

Using simple, repeatable frameworks and life planning you’ll get more done than you thought possible.
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Love Your Life and Work Again

Break the cycle of being too busy and start living the life you’ve always wanted.

Know What's Next

Through our free assessment and coaching you'll know exactly what to work on next.

Make Real Progress

With our simple frameworks and real business coaching, you'll make more progress than you thought was possible.

Lead Your Life

You'll feel more in control of your own destiny as you push fate aside and grab the pen to write your winning narrative.


When work rules your life it’s not fun.


Is your business running you or are you running it?


Do you ever feel like you've lost interest in the story you're living?


Do you dread going to the office?


Do revenues and profits suffer when you're not available?


Do you borrow precious time from your family and friends you don't pay back?


Is the extra time dedicated to meeting unrealistic deadlines taking a toll on your health?


Is the success of your business solely on your shoulders?


When is the last time you had a real vacation where you were fully present?

Let’s face it. Business and life is a constant challenge, and while it can be exciting and invigorating all too often it gets overwhelming and can make us feel stuck.

I’m Kerry Black, and I’ve discovered my passion: helping business owners to rediscover their passion, love running their own businesses again and living the life they have always dreamed of having. I’ve been a corporate and non-profit leader my whole career. Before coaching independently, I was the CEO of a chamber of commerce in South Florida where I had the privilege to help hundreds of local business owners transform their organizations, increase their profits and take back their lives. I coach my clients using repeatable and practical frameworks that simplifies and organizes their businesses and their personal lives.


Take Back Control & Enjoy Your Life

In my very first session with Kerry, something unlocked. I felt excited and hopeful (instead ...
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Brit Eaton
Content Strategist and Writer
In my very first session with Kerry, something unlocked. I felt excited and hopeful (instead of anxious and stuck!) and began to see my business problems as wild opportunities for change and growth. Kerry gave me a glimpse of the leader I was made to be and invited me to step into my true identity with courage and boldness. I’m forever grateful! — Brit Eaton
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Brit Eaton
Content Strategist and Writer
Working with Kerry was a true pleasure.  Her leadership background with a Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce ...
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Andrea Gerrity
Outdoor Shower 30A Property Management
Working with Kerry was a true pleasure.  Her leadership background with a Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce provided a wealth of experience working with all types of businesses.  She knows what it takes to coach business owners on how to create alignment, drive engagement and increase productivity across a business.  For a company that recently experienced growth and may continue to do so, her guidance was pivotal.  I'm confident the work with her will drive further success for OutdoorShower Property Management!
Testimonial 01
Andrea Gerrity
Outdoor Shower 30A Property Management

Simple Frameworks and Workshops To Help You Transform Your Business and Life

In Partnership with Business Made Simple


Hero On A Mission

Feel like someone else is writing your story, and they're screwing it up? This workshop is for you.

Mission Statement

Learn how to craft an inspiring mission statement that gets your team excited for work in the morning.

Communication Made Simple

Learn how to create a communication campaign that engages and inspires your audience.

Hero on a Mission

Fate is a horrible writer. Create a life plan and daily planner that will provide the meaning and structure you’ve been looking for. Get a solid daily routine to stay on track and experience a life of meaning.


  • Know what to focus on
  • Make progress every day on your life goals
  • Know where your life is going and why

Curriculum by Business Made Simple

Mission Statement Made Simple

Most businesses have a mission statement that isn’t working. Instead of moving people forward, it’s being ignored.  A mission statement needs to be exciting and memorable in order to get investment and buy-in from the team.

  • Increase alignment
  • Increate engagement
  • Inspire productivity

Curriculum by Business Made Simple

Communication Made Simple

When you follow a communication framework and repeat your talking points over and over, you will be understood, interesting, and ultimately, you’ll inspire change. In this coaching engagement you’ll learn to:

  • Give a speech
  • Create a script for a video
  • Write an effective email
  • Create a Press Release

Curriculum by Business Made Simple

Here’s the Plan to Take Back Control

take mbr assessment

1. Schedule a Call with TeamWe

We’ll start with understanding what plans you’ll need to take back control.
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2. Create a Simple Plan

Our aim is to give you back control over your professional calendar so you can enjoy your personal life.
work with team we

3. Enjoy the Life You Want to Live

You were made for more! Let’s get you on the road to enjoying all that life has for you, your family, and your work.

I get it. Building the business of your dreams can take a toll on your life.


I know you’re looking for more time to live a fun and exciting life while also running a successful business. The problem is you’re working so hard you’re not enjoying much of anything. This can leave you feeling lifeless, and that is just not right.

I know how this feels. I’ve been there. By leading my business using simple frameworks, I’ve taken control of my business and enjoy my life. Now I coach successful business owners how to take back control of businesses and enjoy their lives.

Building and growing a business doesn’t have to take over your life. Schedule a call with me… we can discuss where you are and how you can immediately start to make progress. 

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Take The My Business Report Assessment

Knowing what's really going on with your business shouldn't be a mystery. In 12 minutes you'll get a FREE, detailed report on the health of your business and a customized plan for how to make it more profitable.