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Kerry Black is a Certified Business Made Simple Coach


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As CEO of TeamWe, LLC, Kerry Black is passionate about helping individuals and organizations define their purpose and discover the best versions of themselves through strategic identity work. For 35+ years, she’s served as a strategic board consultant for for-profit and non-profit organizations locally and internationally. Kerry’s extensive experience serving on collaborative teams and fully engaged boards has taught her that a clearly defined mission and vision are the keys to bringing about the greatest accomplishments. Kerry has been happily married to Russell for 31 years and has three extraordinary children, Aaron, Katie and Adam. She and Russell live where she calls, “Heaven on Earth”, the Florida Panhandle.

Awards and Distinctions

Kerry Black Day!

At the February Special Council Presentation Ceremony, Vice Mayor Julio Guzman presented a proclamation to an outstanding individual, who has been an important fixture in the Homestead Community, Kerry Black. Ahead of her retirement, the proclamation declared that February 16th, 2022 is Kerry Black Day. She reinvigorated the South Dade Chamber of Commerce and founded Latin Impact Ministries alongside her husband, Pastor Russell Black. Vice Mayor Guzman commended Ms. Black for her endless support and work to make the Homestead Community a better place to live.

Kerry Black Receives Congressional Letter of Honor

Congressman Carlos Gimenez, FL District 26 on 2/16th/2022 awarded Kerry Black with a Congressional Record Letter for her service as CEO of the South Dade Chamber of Commerce. Throughout her long career and especially during the pandemic, Kerry helped hundreds of local businesses transform, thrive and survive..

Simple Frameworks and Workshops To Help You Transform Your Business and Life

Hero On A Mission

Feel like someone else is writing your story, and they're screwing it up? This workshop is for you.

Mission Statement

Learn how to craft an inspiring mission statement that gets your team excited for work in the morning.

Communication Made Simple

Learn how to create a communication campaign that engages and inspires your audience.

Hero on a Mission

Fate is a horrible writer. Create a life plan and daily planner that will provide the meaning and structure you’ve been looking for. Get a solid daily routine to stay on track and experience a life of meaning.

  • Know what to focus on
  • Make progress every day on your life goals
  • Know where your life is going and why

Mission Statement Made Simple

Most businesses have a mission statement that isn’t working. Instead of moving people forward, it’s being ignored.  A mission statement needs to be exciting and memorable in order to get investment and buy-in from the team.

  • Increase alignment
  • Increate engagement
  • Inspire productivity

Communication Made Simple

When you follow a communication framework and repeat your talking points over and over, you will be understood, interesting, and ultimately, you’ll inspire change. In this coaching engagement you’ll learn to:

  • Give a speech
  • Create a script for a video
  • Write an effective email
  • Create a Press Release

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